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Monday - Saturday

6:00 am - 10:00 pm

Address: 5648 VK 26th Lane

Florida 26154. US


Our mushroom farm offers 15 types of nutritious edible mushrooms. It is used in the kitchen to make many delicious and healthy dishes.

  • Shelf Life
    6 Months Under -18 Degree
  • Cultivation Type
    COMMON, Open Air
  • Status
  • Certification
    World’s Best Mushroom at World’s
  • Storage
    Mushroom Store
  • Made in
  • Distributor
    Atlas Wholesale Food
  • Years
  • Price Range
    $5.99 - $29.88

We have an abundance of vegetables from May – December. We grow delicious vegetables organically and prioritising the health of the soil. We use the “no-dig” method of growing which means we do not till the soil.

To speed up ripening, place these organic avocados in a paper bag along with a banana at room temperature until they soften to your liking. Organic avocados make a delicious and healthful addition to green smoothies, salads and grain bowls, or enjoy on toast with a squeeze of lemon and crunchy sea salt.

Button Mushroom
Button Mushroom

June to October

Abalone Mushroom
Abalone Mushroom

March to June

Shiitake Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom

May to October


April to September

Button Mix
Button Mix

All of the Year


All of the Year

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